Raw Artist Denver Femme Fatale Intimates Lingerie Fashion Show!

Hello my Femme Fatale's!

Thank-you for another incredible Femme Fatale Intimates​ Lingerie Fashion show! This show was more then just a fashion show! There was art, music, live music, dance performances, beauty, hair, makeup tutorials, and fashion! Best of all, these were ALL local artist! This show was especially awesome for us, because we were able to create our own ideas, choose our own models, & Glam Squad.

Raw Artist is a self sustained company, there was an amount of tickets needed to be sold to participate. I know there has been mixed reviews on that topic, some not seeing that to be a helpful, reasonable or just plain ripping artist's off. I can understand if there wasn't over 300 people in and out of the event, but not only was there 300+ people, everyone was super happy exhibiting and showcasing their goods! If the sales of the ticket would be a greater deal or more work for the artist to do, then the amount of guest wouldn't be as high. Every artist has family, friends, and customers who are willing to come support them. Why would they not want to come? Our incredible models all had the drive and the passion to walk for us! They were the ones who helped make these ticket sales happen! We ended up selling over the amount needed by more then half. I can only say we are so humbled to have the amazing support from all my friends, and family! My 1st Raw artist experience was incredible! I loved that we had the freedom to have ideas we wanted to for the runway, we we able to be FREE! We mixed LGBT community, males, plus size and all! The creativity was off the charts!!

Our showcase director, Tania Birker, was awesome-- she was always open to talk, take questions, comments, concerns, and to share ideas with. I felt appreciated, and well taken care of! But this also was not my 1st rodeo! If you have been to any Femme Fatale Intimates show, you know we don't mess around. We take the runway life very seriously.

In the end, I got exactly what I signed up for: an excellent experience, with good people and amazing talent.

Till next time my Femme Fatale's

*Next Raw Artist Show Feb 2018*

Venue • SAVOR Showcase by RAW Artists Denver The Church Nightclub​

Hair • Ken Ross​, Christina Barragan​, Veronica Hernandez​, Erica Barela​ MUA • Jess Gannaway​, Dahlia Sanchez​ #teamfemmefatale #femmefataleitimates #lingeriefashionshow #rawartistdenver #rawartist #denver #thechurchnightclub #models

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The primary mission of Femme Fatale Intimates feels and believes that incredible garments can make a woman feel beautiful from the inside out.

Offering new styles of lingerie, lace, shapewear, personal styling offered in store. Free of charge with purchase. 

Our swimwear line is manufactured in USA (Miami & Los Angeles) using the finest quality fabric, also Colombian fabrics to insure the sexiest beach wear, new styles and great quality and at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to make a women look and feeling desirable for themselves, and the world! 

Women of all backgrounds, sizes, ages and tastes can feel sexy. Choose the perfect night for a perfect ending. Please yourself and your mate, or purely yourself!. Get creative and live a little! BE SEXY, BE A FEMME FATALE!


We offer personal styling for all customers!  Complimentary glass of wine while shopping! Ask for a glass! For more information on questions and to schedule your personal styling adventure, please call us at 303-946-2894




DENVER, CO 80203

Tues - Friday 11-7pm

Saturday 11-6pm

Sunday 12-5pm

Closed Monday