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Making Denver Sexier,

One Day At A Time


Femme Fatale Intimates Owner

Angel Macauley

"I created Femme Fatale Intimates to place an emphasis on women looking and feeling desirable for themselves. Women of all backgrounds, sizes, ages and tastes can feel sexy, choose the perfect night for a perfect ending." - Angel Macauley

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What Is A Femme Fatale?

Discover the allure of your inner Femme Fatale—a character exuding confidence, seduction, boldness, daring mystery, and beauty. 


Exquisite Apparel


Invites "BOLD" actions


Embracing Independence

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Magnetic Sexual Appeal


Exuding Confidence


Seductive Demeanor

Femme Fatale Intimate focuses on lingerie customer service, product styling, and product knowledge. Our dedication to detail ensures every customer walks away satisfied and connected to their inner Femme Fatale. Our clients enjoy and value receiving their lingerie measurements, attention to styling detail, and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction with unlimited wardrobe changes. Our team’s commitment to both aesthetics and luxury service, creates a memorable shopping experience. We know that in-store lingerie shopping can be intimidating, and online lingerie shopping is even worse for first time buyers. We feel our clients' pain, and are dedicated to quality and luxury customer service every-time to ensure satisfaction. Don’t forget to book your personal styling appointment today for a luxury lingerie shopping experience.

Femme Fatale Intimates Story

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Discover Your Inner Femme Fatale Today

Book a free styling session now and indulge in a complimentary glass of wine as you delve into the essence of your inner Femme Fatale.

Making Denver Sexier By Pulling Out Your Inner Femme Fatale.

Our collections and luxury customer service specializes in lingerie, plus size lingerie, and intimates apparel.

Femme Fatale Intimates Vision

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