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Vamp Bikini Launch Fashion Show

Updated: Jan 29

Just wanted to thank everyone who came out lastnight, it was an amazing show! Truly my best show! I appreciate Epernay Lounge for giving me the opportunity to have this production. The Modern Gladiator for their efforts! Thanks to my staff Rianna Star, and Lauren Todd for being at my side all night! Thanks to all my wonderful models Stevie Wonder, Karen C. Muñiz, Sophie Ibarra, Cassandra Dick,Lexi Blecha, Emily Mae, Althea Dorn-Smith! Thanks to my wonderful Dj Lea Luna, and Epernay Leah Nicole! Thank Epernay for letting me throw the event Ashton Eve! Travis Smith thank you for being so good to me! Jodajen Artist, you're amazing can't wait to see the shots! Ian Thomas, hope you got some good shots too! Thank you all so vey much for making this a success!

Angel Macauley Femme Fatale Intimates

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